COVID-19 Guidelines for Worship Services Please click here to get IMPORTANT information before coming to church this Sunday.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Worship Services/Group Meetings/Events


The Session takes very seriously the health risks that COVID-19 poses to our people, especially those who have pre-existing health issues that put them at special risk.  To mitigate these, and in a spirit of cooperation with the authorities, we will ask you to follow certain practices:


IF SYMPTOMATIC OR DIAGNOSED WITH COVID-19:  If you have symptoms known to be typical of any form of COVID-19 (such as: persistent cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever/chills, extreme fatigue, body aches, persistent headache, loss of taste/smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms as posted by govt agencies in the future), or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, then do not enter the building or interact in-person at church.   Once you either test negative for COVID or quarantine for 10 days, you may return to church.


IF AT HIGH RISK: If you have high-risk health conditions – such as diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease (like COPD), or a compromised immune system – or care for someone who does, then for your own safety we recommend you refrain from participating at church activities in person.


IF EXPOSED, KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY: If you have knowingly come into contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms you may not enter the church building for 10 days, or until a test has determined either that person or you yourself are negative for COVID-19. If you attend any church function and subsequently learn you have, or may have, been exposed prior to the event, inform the church immediately so heightened precautions can be implemented to ensure the safety of the entire church community.


IF YOU HAVE BEEN TRAVELLING: If you travel overseas, to a known COVID hot spot, or travel by airplane, bus or train, please inform the responsible persons prior to entering the building. If your travel could have exposed you to COVID-19 you may have to quarantine for 10 days, in keeping with CDC guidelines and policies. 


DISTANCING:  While you will be glad to see your friends and fellow believers, please maintain a safe distance, avoid shaking hands and hugging.  The authorities specifically warn against clustering, for example, in the narthex, doorways, or parking lots etc. in small groups – just keep spread out for everyone’s safety.  


MASKS:  When mandated by authorities, masks will be required over your nose and mouth anytime you are indoors, to reduce viral transmission through aerosols (micro-droplets). When not mandated, the use of masks is still recommended, especially when meeting in small, enclosed spaces, or in close physical proximity. 


SPACING IN SEATING:  The authorities no longer mandate sitting at least 6-ft. apart in Worship Services, excepting household groups who share a living space. Nevertheless, it is still prudent to maintain at least 3 ft. of distance to reduce transmission of viruses, especially to those who may be at risk.  


CLEANING:  Please wash and/or disinfect hands regularly; hand-sanitizer stations are available in the narthex and throughout the building. The sanctuary and facility are cleaned and disinfected (fogging) before worship services and major events; at other times, the frequency of use by various groups can at times make systematic disinfecting impossible, so please be aware of this risk. Please communicate needs or observations with the group leaders, who can notify the maintenance staff regarding cleaning of spaces. 


CHILDREN:  Children are a special responsibility to the church community that we take seriously.  We ask that a family member or designated adult be assigned to each child while in the building to ensure they are consistently following coronavirus guidelines to keep them safe and their family members. Children should not be wandering the building without supervision. If children over the age of 2 years are able to wear a mask, we encourage that they wear one, or only engage in activities that allow for distancing.


GROUP SIZE: The current state recommendations regarding the minimum square footage per person that can congregate for social gatherings will be observed. Currently, we are operating at no more than 50% of capacity, and plan for smaller groups in larger spaces. If you have questions, please contact the Facilities Manager.


As there are changes to state government regulations and recommendations, we will attempt to comply graciously without contempt. If religious services or church gatherings cannot be conducted in compliance with the above requirements, they should not be held in-person.


This letter was updated by Dr. Benjamin to the Congregation of KPC on 1/11/22