OPEN FOR WORSHIP THIS SUNDAY! Please click here to get IMPORTANT information before coming to church this Sunday.




To the Members and Friends of KPC!

By now, you have likely heard that the Governor is allowing churches to reopen under specific strict guidelines. The Session has deliberated this and has decided to open up for worship beginning this Sunday, May 17, at 10 am. Yoohoo!

The Session takes very seriously the health risks that COVID19 poses to our people, especially those who have pre-existing health issues that put them at especial risk. To mitigate these, and in a spirit of cooperation with the authorities, we will ask you to follow certain practices:

1. LIVE-STREAMING FOR THE AT-RISK:  Live-streaming on Facebook and YouTube will continue, so if you have any symptoms, have been diagnosed with COVID19, or have high-risk health conditions – such as diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease (like COPD), or a compromised immune system – or care for someone who does, please do not attempt to come to the church but continue to join us online from the relative safety of your own home.

2. ENTERING THE BUILDING:  If you have any symptoms (fever or chills, cough, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, or other symptoms that may be identified by govt. agencies in the future), or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please do not attend church activities.  

You are welcome to resume active participation when you have either tested negative or quarantined for 14 days.

If you have high-risk health conditions – such as diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease (like COPD), or a compromised immune system – or care for someone who does, please do not attempt to attend church activities for now. 

Take care of yourself: this won't last forever.

3. EXPOSURE and QUARANTINE: If you know you have had contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms, do not enter the church building for 14 days, or until you or the person/ people you came in contact with test negative for COVID-19. 

If you learn you have, or may have, been exposed and unknowingly entered the building, please inform the group leader(s) immediately who will then notify the Pastor to ensure the entire group and church community's safety.

4. TRAVEL: If you travel to a known COVID hot spot or travel by airplane, bus, or train, please inform the group leaders before entering the building. If your trip could have exposed you to COVID-19, you may have to quarantine for 14 days, keeping with CDC guidelines and policies.  


5. MASKS:  Masks are required over your nose and mouth anytime you are indoors. This protects other people from potential exposure – remember, almost half of those who spread it don't even know they have it!


6. CONVERSATIONAL DISTANCING:  While you will be glad to see your friends and fellow believers at KPC, and we all miss the closeness and touch of Christian fellowship, please observe a safe distance, and avoid shaking hands and hugging for the time being. The authorities warn against clustering in small groups, such as in the narthex, doorways, or parking lots. Stay spread out, 6 feet apart, for everyone's safety.  


7. SPACING IN SEATING: We are required to sit at least 10-ft. apart in Worship Services where folks are singing, and 6-ft. apart where they don't – meaning staggered pews. Of course, household groups who share a living space may sit together.  


8. CLEANING:  Everybody should wash their hands regularly – this always applies in any flu season! Hand-sanitizer stations are available in the narthex. The sanctuary and facility are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before worship services, but not necessarily at other times you might be in the building – please be aware of this risk. Should you have concerns, communicate with your group leader(s), who will contact the maintenance staff to make decisions regarding the cleaning of spaces.  


9. CHILDREN:  Children are a special responsibility to the church community that we take seriously. We ask that a family member or designated adult be assigned to each child while in the building to ensure they are consistently following coronavirus guidelines to keep them and their family members safe. Children should not be wandering around the facility without supervision. 

If children can wear a mask, we ask that they wear one – especially those over age 2.


10. HALLWAY BARRIERS:  We ask you – and especially the children – not to wander the halls during activities. Hallway barriers have been erected to curtail this; please respect their intent.  


11. GROUP SIZE: We will observe state guidelines regarding the maximum number of people congregating in a room for social gatherings. If you are unsure what the current procedure is, please contact the Pastor.

As state government regulations change, we will follow those graciously, without disrespect or contempt. 

Suppose religious services or church gatherings cannot be conducted in compliance with the above requirements. In that case, they must not be held in-person: we are blessed to live in a day when live-streamed worship and virtual meetings are even possible!

Thank you for showing consideration for your sisters and brothers in the faith.

This letter was updated by Dr. Benjamin to the Congregation of KPC on 8/26/20