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To the Members and Friends of KPC!

By now you have likely heard that the Governor is allowing churches to reopen under certain strict guidelines.  The Session has deliberated this and has decided to open up for worship beginning this Sunday, May 17, at 10 am.  Yoohoo!

The Session takes very seriously the health risks that COVID19 poses to our people, especially those who have pre-existing health issues that put them at especial risk.  To mitigate these, and in a spirit of cooperation with the authorities, we will ask you to follow certain practices:

1. LIVESTREAMING FOR THE AT-RISK:  Livestreaming on Face book and Youtube will continue, so if you have any symptoms, have been diagnosed with COVID19, or have high-risk health conditions – such as diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease (like COPD), or a compromised immune system – or care for someone who does, please do not attempt to come to the church but continue to join us online from the relative safety of your own home.

2. DISTANCING:  While you will be glad to see your friends and fellow believer after so many weeks, for the time being please maintain a safe distance, avoid shaking hands and hugging.  The authorities specifically warn against clustering in the narthex, doorways, or parking lot in small groups – just keep spread out, for everyone’s safety.  Be patient: this, too, shall pass.

3. MASKS:  We cannot require you wear a mask, but we recommend it.  Masks will be made available for those who do not have one with them.  Yes, they are an annoyance when we sing, but singing does in fact spread the virus farther and faster than coughing.  Who knew?  I find something diabolical about COVID19: who else would take the act of worshipping God and twist it into a way to spread disease and death?

4. SPACING IN WORSHIP:  Everyone is required to sit at least 6-ft. apart – meaning staggered on every-other pew.  Household groups, that is, those who share a living space, may sit together.  The world always thought Christians are “spaced out” anyway, so now we get to demonstrate how to do it?

5. CLEANING:  The sanctuary and facility has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.  Deacons will be on hand disinfecting handrails and such regularly.  Hand-sanitizer stations are available in the narthex.

6. CHILDREN IN WORSHIP:  We will not be offering children’s church or nursery services, to comply with government guidelines.  Infants and children will be asked to remain with their parents during the service.  Children’s Church lessons and activities are available online, for Sunday and every day of the week.

7. OFFERING:  We are not allowed to pass objects from person-to-person: no bulletins, no offering plates.  A Giving Station will be provided in the Narthex on the way out, while those joining us by livestream will have the opportunity to give online.

8. HALLWAY BARRIERS:  We ask you – and especially the children – not to wander the halls during the service.  Barriers have been erected to curtail this; please respect their intent.  During the church closure, your staff and volunteers have been completing some maintenance and remodeling projects, and we wish to protect anyone from being injured around the tools or materials.  

Thank you for observing these simple guidelines so we can gather to praise the Lord and pray safely and considerately of others. I look forward to seeing you again – at last – on Sunday!

Blessings in Christ,

Dr. Benjamin

This letter was originally sent from Dr. Benjamin to the Congregation of KPC on 5/14/20