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Contact Us

Directions to KPC

Kempsville Presbyterian Church [KPC] is in the heart of the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach right on Kempsville Rd.

On Kempsville away from Indian River Rd:

  • make a U-turn at Locke Ln/Kempsville intersection then turn right into our lot. 

On Kempsville/Witch Duck:

  • heading away from oceanfront: cross over Locke Ln and turn right into our lot. 


  • Across the street from the Kempsville Area Library
  • Next to Fairfield Shopping Center

Visitor Parking:

  • Visitor parking is in front of the lawn facing the main entrance. For the easiest entry, enter onto the property from Kempsville Rd. 

We have a drive-through curve directly in front of our front walk-up. This is an easy drop-off place for people with trouble walking in from the lot. 

We also have several handicapped parking spaces close to the main doors.

Get in touch

Get in touch directly with the lead team at KPC using the form hosted below. We look forward to hearing from you!