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Bethany Keller is our Next Steps coordinator. She is here to help you connect with the life of the church by guiding you toward YOUR next step into community. Whether it’s answering questions as you plan your first visit or helping you explore active membership Bethany is prepared to come alongside you.

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Sunday Morning Walk Through

We understand that on your first visit you are learning. We also know that no matter where you’re coming from it’s likely that your main goal is to meet Jesus not spend time figuring out what you’re supposed to do. Here is a walkthrough of Sunday morning at KPC to help you get a lay of the land before your first visit.

We hope this will make you feel more comfortable and that it honors your time. We hope without having to worry about practical details you are free sit at the feet of Jesus.

Directions and Parking

Kempsville Presbyterian Church [KPC] is in the heart of the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach right on Kempsville road.

  • On Kempsville away from Indian River Rd:
    make a U-turn at Locke Ln/Kempsville intersection then turn right into our lot.
  • On Kempsville/Witch Duck:
    heading away from ocean front: cross over Locke Ln and turn right into our lot.
  • Landmarks:
    Across the street from the Virginia Beach Police Department and the Kempsville Area Library.
  • Parking:
    Try parking in the part of the lot in front of our main entrance facing Kempsville Rd for the easiest entry.

We have a drive through curve directly in front of our front walk up. This is an easy drop off place for people who have trouble walking in from the lot.
We also have several handicap parking spaces close to the main doors

Getting Comfy and Situated

After you get in the doors you’ll have a couple options based on what you need to do first.

  • Lobby:
    When you walk in the main doors you’ll see the sanctuary doors straight ahead of you, a hallway entrance to your left and a hallway entrance to your right.
  • Seating:
    If you’re ready to go straight in to service go straight through the double doors in the lobby. If you want to feel things out in the balcony go down the left hallway. The doorway to the balcony is the fourth one on your left.

Sit anywhere! We know you may have your own way of feeling out a space but here are a couple tips.

  • If you like to dance you may consider sitting close to the front. We value freedom in worship and have made space close to the front for that purpose.
  • If you have kids you might like sitting on the right. This is the side of the sanctuary closest to our KPC Kids hall.
  • Bathrooms:
    We have two easy to access bathrooms close to the front lobby
  • Women: Go down left hallway from lobby. It is the first doorway on the left.
  • Men: Go down right hallway from lobby. Turn down the first hall on your right. It is the first doorway on your right.
  • Kids:

    If you have children from newborn to 5th grade KPCKids is for them! We think it is helpful to give your whole family about 10-15 extra minutes to scope things out before heading into service if it is your first visit.

    Here’s how to get there. You’ll want to go down the right hallway from the front lobby then turn right again down the KPCKids ministry hall. We’ve painted a giant KPC Kids logo at the end of this hall so you know you’re going the right way. Turn left once you get to the logo, go through the double doors and check in at the KPC Kids ministry office. A team member will help you check in the kids and show you to their classroom.

  • Newborns -Kindergarten: age kids can go to class at 10AM.
  • 1st-5th grader’s: after you see your classroom they’ll head back into the sanctuary with you for worship.
  • Middle School-Highschool:
  • High schoolers: join with adults for the Sunday morning service in the sanctuary. We encourage your high schooler to come to Crossfire Sunday night.
  • Middle School: on the 1st and 3rd Sundays Middle Schoolers have Middle Ground. Here’s what to do. Middle Schoolers join adults for the musical worship part of Sunday morning. They they’ll go to Middle Ground in the Den. To get to the Den go down the right hand hallway from the main lobby. Follow the hall to the “Adult/Youth Wing”. It is the 6th door on the right. Follow down the hall, turn right as it end. The Den is the third door on your right.

Order of Service

Our service follows a basic order of worship with added practices on certain Sundays.
Most Sundays run this way:

  • Welcome
  • Praise and Worship
  • 1-5 Grades released to KPC Kids
  • Next Steps Cards: you can find this card in the pew in front of you.
    Please write your first name, email and any first impressions you have. We would like to quickly connect with you about your visit.
  • Offering
  • Sermon
  • Ministry Time and Benediction

The first Sunday of every month we take communion as a body. This typically comes either at the end of praise and worship or serves as ministry time.

Some Sundays we will have baptisms or infant dedications. Those typically take place right before or early in praise and worship.

A note on praise & worship

During praise and worship we invite you to be free in your expression. That means sitting contemplatively in the pew is okay and so is dancing for joy. Raise your hands or keep them at your sides.

A note on dress

We do not have a formal dress code at KPC. You will see everything from people in jeans and flip flops to dresses and jackets. We want to honor the Lord in all we do. We know that distinctive styles of dress mean different things to different people. No matter what it means to you we welcome you.

After the benediction

  • Pick up the kids:
    Now is the time to pick up the family from KPC Kids. If you are receiving ministry go ahead and pick the kids up after. If you are waiting for a prayer team after the benediction we ask that you go pick up your children then return for prayer. That way we honor the time of the men and women serving at KPC Kids.
  • Want to talk?
    Please make your way back to the lobby and visit our Next Steps Center. One of our ministry team members would love to talk with you and give you a gift.
  • Not ready to talk?
    You can also pick up your gift from the center on the way out. They’re in teal bags at the Next Steps Center.

That’s it! We hope to see you soon!