Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are your worship gatherings held?

A. Our Sunday worship gatherings are at 8:30 AM & 10:30 AM. Services typically last about an hour and a half.


Q. Do I have to wear church clothes?

A. We’re not really sure what church clothes are.  Just wear what’s comfortable.  Our pastors don’t wear robes—or even ties.  We’re pretty relaxed about how we dress.


Q. Do I have to be a member to attend KPC or any of its activities?

A. No.  All of our events are open to everyone. The public is welcome and invited to attend KPC events.  For occasional events, such as concerts or banquets, tickets must be purchased for admission.  However, this is clearly stated in advertisements for those events.


Q. What sort of childcare (infant, toddlers, and pre-school) does KPC offer?

A. During our worship gatherings, there are two private rooms for moms to use.  One is adjacent to the sanctuary (you can see through one-way glass), and the other is a den-like setting with a video link.  Both of these rooms are available for moms of nursing or crying infants who would like to enjoy the worship gathering in a private setting. Additionally, we provide nursery settings for infants where we provide the childcare. For toddlers, we have preschool programs that are staffed and well planned.  For those 3 and up, we have Sunday School available.

All of our childcare services are free.

Additionally, some group meetings, which meet at the church during the week, also offer free childcare services during the meeting time.  Please call the church for more information or to make a reservation (757-495-1913).


Q. What about programs for my kids or teenagers?

A. Kids of all ages are important to us.  We offer Children’s Ministry during our Sunday morning worship gatherings. Our Youth Ministry offers Crossfire every Saturday night from 7-9 PM. Additionally, we offer a strong scouting program. We are especially interested in enhancing family life, so we encourage partnership with parents and a fruitful relationship with church and home.


Q. What adult programs are offered?

A. We offer Sunday morning classes through our Adult Discipleship Classes and support and interest opportunities through Small Groups. The church is bustling with opportunities to serve and make friends through activities as varied as choirs, serving the poor, mission trips, and prayer groups. Any day of the week, almost any hour of the day, there is some kind of ministry opportunity or help going on at KPC.

Please check our Events Calendar for upcoming events of interest to you or refer to our Staff page to give you a quick overview of our ministries and who to contact.


Q. How can I ever feel at home in a church the size of KPC?

A. KPC may seem large to some, but you will be amazed at how easy it is to meet new friends. Our Sunday worship gathering offers opportunities to meet those around you.  Our wide variety of programs and ministry opportunities provide lots of opportunities to plug in. Just drop us an email– we would be happy to help point you in the right direction as you make your home at KPC.

Above all, remember that we are a diverse group. There is no need to try to fit into a mold or to think that you might be expected to.  No doubt you’ll find someone you can relate to very easily.  “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” by God (Psalm 139: 14) and accepted by us.  God loves you and we have a place for you.


Q. I am currently separated, divorced, or remarried.  What do you think of that?

A. We hold that, for married people, it was God’s original purpose for a man and a woman to remain together honoring the covenant of marriage until one dies.  We also understand that one spouse may break the marriage covenant. We recognize that the loss or potential loss of a marriage is a deeply painful wound, and yet we also believe in the power of God’s love to heal.


Q. I’m deaf. Is there a place for me in worship at KPC?

A. Yes! We have a section in the Sanctuary reserved especially for our deaf worshippers. Interpreters are available Saturday night, at each Sunday morning service, and for most special events. (We also have portable hearing-assistance devices available for those who are hard of hearing.)  Additionally we have choirs, Bible studies, and support groups specifically for the deaf.  Contact


Q. How would I go about joining KPC?

A. For information on church membership, contact Chris Greenwood by email or through the church office (757)-495-1913.


Q. I see a lot about KPC in the community. What does KPC do for the local community or the world?

A. KPC has historically had a very strong Missions presence internationally, and we work hard at serving our community here in Hampton Roads. Our local ministries include feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, rebuilding the community of Geneva Mobile Home Park, blood drives, schools, responding to local or national crisis, etc.

Our strength is in our people who lead the 100+ ministries that comprise KPC, both at home and abroad.


Q. What is a Presbyterian Church?

A. The word “Presbyterian” means “ruled by elders.” In essence, we believe that church leadership at its best is grounded in a group of leaders rather than a single individual. Thus, we Presbyterians organize ourselves around the concept of “team leadership” (I Timothy 3:1-7; 5:17; Acts 15:2).

Yet, being Presbyterian is about more than how we organize ourselves. At our core, we are committed to orthodox Christianity as it has been understood across the ages.  KPC is a contemporary church with our roots sunk deeply in timeless Truth.

Link to our page explaining the EPC as a denomination.


Q. I need to talk with someone about a problem I have right now.  Who do I go to?

A. We have pastors who would be happy to meet with you.  Please call the church office at (757) 495-1913 or e-mail info@kpc.orgto make an appointment with someone qualified to help you.