Christian Education at KPC

Sundays || 8:00 – 9:30AM

In this EXCITING HANDS-ON class (Preschool & 1-st – 6th grade) your kids will follow in Jesus’ footsteps from birth to death all while learning that He is a real person who makes a difference in their lives today!


Chip Ingram offers insightful, practical solutions to common parenting challenges through his study. Come discover Biblical parenting techniques for a challenging world. This study will be facilitated by Josh & Abigail Khoury, with the first three weeks being led by Pastor Chris & Pastor Neil.


Would you like to be more connected to your church body? To fully understand KPC’s mission and vision? KPC 101 is a class for anyone considering becoming a member or for anyone who wants to realign themselves with our DNA as a church. This class begins February 18th and will include a small group portion! To sign up or get more information send: “KPC 101” and your name in the subject line to


Water into wine, feeding the five thousand, walking on thewater, the woman at the well, and many others. All of thesesnapshots of the ministry of Jesus find their common connection in the Gospelof John. Come join a rotating team of KPC Elders as theylead us on a journey through the Gospel of John. For more information, contactFred Teagle at


Middle School Plus

Students in 7th and 8th gradewill gather each Sunday morning for interactive teachings and small groupdiscussions about the life of Jesus, challenges in living the Christianlife and how to better understand the truth claims of the Bible.

High School Plus

Students from 9th – 12th gradewill gather each Sunday morning for interactive teachings and small groupdiscussions about growing in Christian maturity, leadership, wisdom and outreach.


The Worldview Course is designed to introduce orstrengthen your understanding of Scripture as it applies to culture. The classfocuses on what the Bible teaches in the areas of government, education,economics, religion, and social issues. A class fee of $30 gives participants: onlineaccess to the lectures, a 145 page study guide, and more! For more information, contactMax Lyons at scholarships are available via Pastor Chris.