About the Fund

The purpose of KPC’s Christian Education Scholarship Fund (CESF) is to help KPC member families in removing the financial obstacles for those parents seeking Christian education for their children. Over the years, the KPC church family has generously contributed to the CESF out of a commitment to investing in Christian education. In fact, since 2005, the fund has awarded over $300,000 to hundreds of families who have desired to send their children to a Christian school, college or university. Think about the impact that this has had on the kingdom of God! In the years to come, we hope to see many more KPC young people prepared for principled leadership by Biblically based Christian education.

Making Contributions

As a means of connecting those in the KPC family who wish to support Christian education with those families who are in need, the CESF accepts tax-deductible contributions made to the fund and distributes them to KPC members and their families for use for Christian elementary, secondary, and higher education expenses.  Applications for assistance are submitted to a committee that approves and distributes assistance according to Session approved guidelines.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. Applications for the upcoming school year are available on March 18 and due by April 8.
  2. The committee receives and reviews applications for assistance during March and April and notifies recipients in May.
  3. Annual assistance per student shall not exceed $2,500. Annual assistance per family shall not exceed $5,000.
  4. Criteria for grants is based on approval of the school, demonstration of need, active involvement of parents in their children’s education, and membership at KPC.
  5. Financial assistance is made payable to the institution or, in the case of home schools, to the family after verification of use of funds for school materials.
  6. A Session approved committee, to include an active Elder, will: meet as often as is necessary and report at least semi-annually to the Session, create and maintain a list of approved institutions for which assistance is available (typically including private Christian schools, colleges and universities, and home schools), and ensure effective communication between the CESF committee, the congregation, and the Session
  7. Donors: Make checks payable to Kempsville Presbyterian Church with “CESF” in the memo line, or make a donation online. (Be sure to choose “Scholarship Fund” in the “Apply my gift to:” drop down box.)

Donate Online


For details about giving to the CESF or applying for a scholarship contact Max Lyons at lyonsforchrist@hotmail.com or contact Marc Santom: santomm@kpc.org.

A special congregational offering will be taken on April 8, so prayerfully consider giving on that Sunday.